Louise, Spear Programme trainee

“I recently turned 21 and for a long time I thought I missed my chance to be something. I had discovered my passion and talent too late. I had to leave my first job due to struggling with my mental health. After that I spent my day-to-day life on Youtube or at the Job Centre. I had grown accustomed to being a leech on society and believed that was all I’d ever be. Then one day I was introduced to Spear. They have taught me everything I need to know in any workplace through games, mock interviews and a trip to an actual workplace. And they taught me about resilience, the ability to push through what life throws at you!”

Khadeejah, Spear Programme completer

Khadeejah found the Spear Programme to be life changing. Spear gave her the courage and motivation to believe in herself.

Daniel, Spear Programme trainee

“I didn’t do well at school, I never wanted to be in class, didn’t want a job and later in life I didn’t really want to be around anymore. I went to the Brighton Job Centre and they told me about the Spear Programme. I have learnt how to be more resilient, I’ve picked up key tips for interviews and realise that I can work in teams – it was just a choice I had to make. The past six weeks taught me that nothing should stop you… the next step is to get into work.”