Jada’s Story

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“There’s literally nothing to lose when it comes to doing the program. It was six weeks of personal growth and support. You lose nothing; you just grow and progress. It’s a fantastic opportunity tailored for you by dedicated coaches. It’s a great experience, and I would strongly encourage anyone and everyone to seize this opportunity.” – Jada

Meet Jada, a gifted writer with a passion for poetry and storytelling. She faced the challenge of job interviews, unable to express her true potential. However, Jada’s life took an inspiring turn when she discovered the Spear Islington program, a transformative experience that turned her shyness into self-confidence and paved the way for her remarkable journey of personal growth.

Discovering Spear Islington

Jada’s path to Spear Islington started with a recommendation from her local job center. Recognising her need for a confidence boost and guidance to reenter the workforce, they thought Spear might be the perfect fit. The program offered a unique opportunity to not only improve her self-esteem but also to master essential skills for job interviews and career development.

A Supportive Community

What made Spear Islington stand out for Jada was the supportive environment it provided. Her first conversation with the coaches left a lasting impression. She felt understood, welcomed, and comfortable. The experience contrasted starkly with her past encounters with career coaching. Jada realized she had found a safe space to grow and develop, a rarity in the world of job training programs.

Overcoming Shyness and Anxiety

Jada, like many of us, had moments of shyness and anxiety, which often hindered her ability to present herself confidently. Her first presentation before Spear was a trembling experience. However, with each session, Jada grew more composed. The transformative journey at Spear led to her managing her nervousness and speaking comfortably. This newfound self-assuredness not only improved her presentation skills but also positively impacted her job interviews.

A Life-Changing Impact

For Jada, the Spear program became the catalyst for numerous positive changes in her life. It provided her with a platform to regain her confidence and self-esteem, and it offered a non-judgmental space to grow alongside like-minded individuals. Jada is living proof that Spear’s comprehensive approach works. Not only did it empower her with confidence, but it also helped her secure her second job – a career path she genuinely resonated with.

A Bright Future

Jada’s journey took her to a new career as an educational consultant at Informa, with plans to study business management and marketing in the near future. She envisions a future where she can grow within the field of marketing, an area she discovered she is truly passionate about during her time at Spear. Jada’s success story serves as an inspiration to other young individuals who may be contemplating joining the Spear program.

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