Junior’s Story

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Junior’s Journey: The Positive Impact of the Spear Programme

In a world that often feels overwhelming, finding a sense of direction can be a challenge, especially for young people navigating their early careers. Junior Medina’s story is a testament to the life-changing impact of the Spear Programme. His journey from not knowing where his career was going to confidence and clear direction, highlights how guidance and support can turn potential into success.

Finding Passion and Facing Reality

Junior Medina has a passion for photography, videography, and anything involving a camera. Despite his enthusiasm and technical skills, Junior found himself at a crossroads. He was struggling to maintain steady employment, and his career seemed to be going nowhere.

“I was someone that was lost, I was afraid and I was fake, acting like I knew what I was doing when really and truly, I had no sense of direction whatsoever.”

Before joining the Spear Programme, he was hesitant to seek help, viewing it as a sign of weakness. His repeated job losses left him questioning his abilities and purpose. “I always thought to myself, why is that? How come I’m not able to keep this around?” he recalls. It was a cycle of frustration that seemed impossible to break.

A New Perspective: Learning from Failure

Everything changed for Junior when he joined the Spear Programme. The pivotal moment came during a career panel day, where one of the panellists shared an insight that resonated deeply with him: “Failure is not necessarily a bad result, nor is it the end result.” This perspective shift was revolutionary for Junior. It taught him that failure is part of the journey, not the destination.
With this newfound mindset, Junior approached challenges with determination and resilience. “Even if I go ahead and do something, I’ll give my best, 100% at it,” he says. “If I fail, cool, I fail. But I at least know what went wrong and what I can do to now work around that to make sure that the next time I do it, I do it right.”

Finding Success: A Positive Outcome

Junior’s hard work and positive attitude paid off. Through the skills and confidence he gained from the Spear Programme, he secured a job as a delegate sales representative at Informa. Despite initially doubting his capabilities in a field requiring strong numerical skills, Junior excelled. “Handling huge private equity finance events felt surreal but rewarding,” he shares. “It made me realise what I’ve learned in Spear, in terms of confidence, speaking, and owning the room, actually means something.”
Junior’s transformation did not go unnoticed. People outside the Spear Programme recognized his growth, further affirming his progress. “For me, it was just like a check mark to say, yeah, I’m doing something good here,” Junior proudly states.

The Spear Programme’s Impact

Junior’s story is a powerful example of how the Spear Programme can change lives. It underscores the importance of seeking help, embracing failure as a learning opportunity, and continually striving for personal and professional growth. The programme doesn’t just provide job skills; it cultivates a mindset that prepares young people to face the world with confidence and resilience.
For many like Junior, the Spear Programme is more than a career development initiative—it’s a lifeline that transforms uncertainty into opportunity. As Junior continues to thrive, his journey inspires countless others to take the first step towards their own transformation. Through support, perseverance, and the right guidance, any young person can achieve their dreams, just like Junior.

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